Body Works

Got a dent? Let us fix it!

Our obsession with quality is equaled by our uncompromising approach to dealing with life's uncertain dents. Depending on the damage its decided to either repair or replace the damaged panel as we concentrate more on repairs than replacement to retain the OEM parts to the maximum and especially when the damage is related to chassis, floor, skirt panels, cross members, side body panels to the maximum extend we repair as we are well equipped with tools to repair as the OEM spot welding are not cut and body panels once cut and re welded looses its original strength and at times it is showed evidently as a replaced panel and in future its for a resale it might be a negative mark for valuation. but if the damage is very bad there is no choice but to replace. by using dent pullers and chassis aligners equipment and welding machines we repair the surface to its original shape and later with body fillers according to minimum requirement we level the surface to give smooth finish.



Mechanical Services

 Ride newness, Every time.

 Avail professional maintenance and repair services at Sai Colorium. Regular Car maintenance ensures safety for you and your car. Most of these products are subject to natural wear in the course of everyday vehicle operation. This applies to brake parts, exhaust system corrosion and also affects the transmission oil (brake fluid). But because this type of wear is not always immediately apparent, it is a good idea to have your car inspected at regular intervals. Otherwise the damage resulting can lead to expensive repairs or sudden faults could endanger not just you but other road users as well.